Accidental Marathon...

4:30am an early start to the day, I'd decided to out exploring at Rancho and I wanted to get some good miles in before I met up with my friends at 10am for a bike ride. I got to Rancho, just gone 5am, of course it was pitch black when I started out on my run, but I had a head lamp on to see my way around. The first leg of the journey was up the PG+E trail which leads to one of the highest point in the park, from there I continued down the High Meadow trail to Rogue Valley. As I was heading down into Rogue, I met my friend Davina who was busy putting in 200 miles a week at Rancho. When I described my intended route she said I was crazy, but I continued on :-)

I had been curious about the Black Mountain trail after hearing stories of the a tortures final mile climb. To get to the Black Mountain trail I first had to go along the Chamise trail which is 2 miles, then came the 4 mile climb up Black Mountain. Many switchback trails gradually winding to the top, then I final reach the power lines, and thought that it wasn't so bad, but then the final mile began, it just seemed to go straight up for whole another mile. Finally I hit the top, fantastic view, in which I could see last 6 miles of trails I had run down below. It was just coming up to 9am at that point so I had to make a very fast descent to get back for the bike ride.

Well it I didn't quite make it in time but was back to the car just gone 10am and to the ride where my very patient friends were waiting. I didn't know the actual mileage I had run, I just took a guess and said about 15 miles. We then did a 25 mile or so ride. Afterwards I was completely starving, (I can't think why) I went to lunch with a few of my friends and fueled up. After lunch one of my friends was going to Rancho for a run, so I offered to join her. I hadn't really figured on doing another 8 miles, but that is what happened, some people are worth going an extra running 8 miles for no matter what the pain.

Total distance for both runs combined was just under 30 miles.
Calories burned that day approx 8000.

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