San Jose International Triathlon

My second official Triathlon! Just 7 weeks since Wildflower, the most part I had been taking it easy I hadn't even ridden my bicycle for the first 5 weeks after Wildflower. I had done some running but not much, as for Swimming? Well I remember Lake San Antonio :-)

I woke up way too early and my 5:30 am I was already unpacking my car and getting my stuff over to the transition area. Unlike Wildflower where your transition area is assigned this was a free for all, so I just looked around to find the most expensive bikes, if nothing else they be out of the area before I get there. As I got setup I meet a bunch of my friends from the TNT Spring Tri team, great to see many familiar faces!

Soon enough it was time to start the race, as I stood to the beach staring at Lake Almaden (a big duck pond), I started to think "Why I am doing this, I would I want to swim in there?". I tend to only question things once then go ahead and do it, so I got into the water ready for the gun to fire. I made it through the start without concussion, which is always a good thing. The Lake is not that big so there were a number of buoys to navigate around. On one part of the course, I nearly ran ground as the water depth was very low. Although had people trying to point that out, is was a little late for some others. Finally I reached the last turn and then quickly headed out of the water, in many ways this is always the best part of a Triathlon for me :-)

I ran to the transition area got out of the wet suit and on to the bike for the 40K cycle ride. The course is overall fairly flat which makes for some good speeds. A lane of the road was coned off and all the stop lights were taken care of so just a matter of going straight ahead. The first 10 miles is on Santa Tersa Blvd, which leads out to Bailey Road, continuing out on Hale Ave for an out and back then turning on Bailey Road. It is around there the wind becomes a issue, a strong head wind followed by a tail wind, follow by a cross wind. Hale Ave, was completely closed to cars, this was no longer a road but a race track and there were times when people passed each other on both sides, it is a little disconcerting when you hear "On your right", so move over, immediately followed by "On your left" as your passed on the other side :-o

Overall the cycle ride was great giving me one of my fastest ever times on the bike in a Triathlon. Next up was the run, what did do wrong? Well I left my race number in the transition area, costing me a few minutes on the at the beginning of the run to go retrieve it. The run is a flat course with a couple of out and backs, the nice thing about that is seeing all the people you know on the course running the opposite direction, I high-fived a few people I knew as we past. By the 4 mile of the temperature was starting to get to me so at the water stop I got some ice and put it in my hat to cool me down. I was watching my heart rate things were not good there it was 192bpm at mile 4.5, so I slowed things down a bit and continued the final couple of miles. The end finally in sight less than a half mile to go, also in sight was the restroom, preferring to finish strong rather than a very comfortable final run I did take that break. I then sprinted in the rest :-)

Finish Time: 2:47:30.8

Course Details:

1.25K Swim
Swim: 28:18
T1: 4:38

Cycle (click here to view course on Google Earth):
1 hour 14 minutes
20mph Avg Speed
T2: 1:40
923 Feet of Climbing

Run (click here to view run course on Google Earth):
57 minutes
9:17 per mile
195bpm Max heart rate

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