4th of July Ride

Of it being the middle of summer and also California, the weather was amazing! I was going to meet a couple TNT folks for a ride at Edgewood and Canàda Rd, just north of Woodside, to get a few extra miles in I started off at Gunn High School in Palo Alto. I met up with my friend Nicci and Vivek, we did an out and back on Canàda Rd turning around at 92 and heading back. After this with beautiful I decided to be adventurous go for a longer ride. So I headed back towards Woodside and then took La Honda Rd (84) up towards Skyline. I been down La Honda before but never up it, climb seemed last forever though in reality it was only about 30-40minutes (wait that is forever whne your on a hill). I figured when I got to Skyline it would be smooth sailing from there not realizing there still a gradually but steady climb from there to Highway 9. Despite the constant climb, it one of my favorite roads to ride on, amazing views from either side, the whole Bay Area on one side and the Ocean on the other.

By the time I reach the top of Highway 9 I had realized I was nearly out of water and Gatorade two bottles is much for hot day, also running low on food, I needed to conserve :-) Luckily it is all downhill from there, starting with frieghtning descent down Highway 9, this was the first time I ever gone down this way, 20, 30, 40mph+ is very easy but around 25 is optimal speed for safety. I took a shortcut off Highway 9 on Redwood Gulch Road, which gives to new meaning to steep and winding, there were moments that even 10mph felt to fast. Soon I was on Stevens Creek Cayon Road, then flew down Foothill towards my Gunn.

A fanastic 4hrs on the bike with 60 miles with over 4200 feet of climbing.
Veiw ride on Google Earth.

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