Tahoe Sierra Century

Well just four weeks after the crash, I was desperate to get back on the bike again. Despite my Doctors orders I just had to go do the century ride I'd signed up for before the accident. What better way to get back in the saddle then spend a 100 miles on it right?
Friday night, I left the Bay Area around 8pm and arrive up at Tahoe just around midnight, giving me a whole five and half hours of sleep before the event :-) I arrived at the start in plenty of time got registered and realized it was going to be freezing cold, so I threw on every bit of cycle clothing I had. I started rolling at 7:30am, I started to wonder whether this was such a good idea, my arm still hurt and I knew risks of falling on my arm, so I decided to take the ride as easy as possible.
When I saw the Lake Tahoe for the first time on the ride, I couldn't of imagined not doing the ride it was breath taking. While cycling through on of the towns on the north shore, I came across a Police car blocking the cycle path, I managed to cycle around it, but thought how inconsiderate. I later found out the Seven Eleven, it was in front was being robbed, yet I was focused on my ride.
The first rest stop was in King's Beach, some nourishment and a great photo opportunity (see right). Next up was a long climb up Highway 267, followed by a nice fast decent on the other side. After a long flat section and another rest stop, it was time to up Alder Creek/Ski Slope Way, this is the steepest climb of the route with a great view as a reward.After this I descended back down to Truckee, then started the climb up Donner Pass, a very long and winding ascent, with another great view at the top.
From here the route continued along Donner Pass Road, then on to Hampshire Rock Road, with a turned around at Cisco Groove followed by a well needed lunch stop. All the way back along Donner Pass until I reached the point I was dreading...

The descent down Donner Pass! Usually this wouldn't worry me but as I was not in one piece already I feared being in more pieces by the bottom. I managed to keep my speed around 20mph while others flew by at twice the speed. From there it was back through Truckee and down 89 to Squaw Valley. The last 20 proved brutal, my arm was giving me some pain, but so was the rest of my body :-)
A truly great ride I'd recommend to anyone.

100 miles
7,000+ feet of climbing
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