First challenging ride of 2007

It was a very cold morning so much the Swimming pool at Mountain View High School at frozen, this caused the team swim to be canceled, due to this the team ride was earlier, but I was was late. So I started off on my own ride, so where else to go then up to Skyline again! This time I took a different route, I thought it time I revisited "Old Page Mill Road", which I had not ridden up since the "Tour De Max" metric century back last August. It Old Page Mill Road, is a long winding road with a about six miles of climbing.

Once I reached the Skyline, I started to realize exactly how cold it was out, there was even some ice on the road. I then headed south on Skyline, which is a still quite a climb with the occasional roller for relief.

Finally I hit Highway 9, I don't like to go down this way that often it can be a busy and dangerous descent, with high speeds and hairpin bends, but today was the day :-) So I started downhill, the traffic wasn't too bad and I managed to keep under 25mhp. The road is very shaded which left it with the occasional icy spot. As I got further down I got colder and colder to the point I was uncontrollably shivering.

Picture this, 20mph downhill on a icy road, desperately trying to keep the bike in straight and steady, so I started to pedal harder to get my legs warmed up again. The road flattened out and brightened up and I was able to get to Saratoga without incident. My first stop was Starbucks for a hot drink :-) Then it was just plain sailing back to Mountain View High School.

Ride Details (Click Here to view in Google Earth)
42 Miles
4hr 29minutes (including Starbucks stop:)
3500 feet climbing (approx)
3326 Calories
149 Avg Heart Rate
228 Max Heart Rate, this must be wrong, I did not die on this ride (I think).
195 Max Observed Heart Rate

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