A little chase..

Today's ride started up at Edgewood and Canada Rd, where a number of great rides and long days have started this year. However it seems no matter how many times that I go there I always manage to underestimate estimated time to arrival, I arrived just a couple minutes before the ride began. I got geared up as quickly as I could and headed out, just 5 minutes behind the rest of the team. Nothing like a little chase to start a ride :-)

We started out by heading up Canada Rd, which is perfect for getting warmed up and catching up. I managed reach the front of pack and coincidentally my maximum heart rate for the ride. We turned around at Highway 92 and headed back towards Woodside, culminating the ride with a couple loops around Woodside.



Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth)
25.7 Miles
2,016 Feet



Heart Rate:



18.1mph Avg.
39.2mph Max

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