The Ride that wasn't...

Today was not going as planned, I missed the morning's Ride and Tie practice, but I'd figure I would make it up with a good long ride, on my favorite Skyline Loop. I started off my ride from Chain Reaction at Foothill Crossing, I had one false start and returned to the car for a some extra layers, though the sky was clear and the sun was shinning it was cold. This was the first time I'd tried this route on the using my Triathlon bike which is not particularly suited to steep climbs with it's race gearing. I headed up Steven's Creek Canyon Rd, towards the legendary Redwood Gulch climb, my goal was to make it up the hill without any stops. It started off well and I was keeping my heart rate in check, but then just around the first steep turn, my chain came off. I stopped and put it on again, due the incline I went back down a little to get a proper start. It was a tough climb but things were going well, the grade then leveled out which gave me a few minutes to get my heart rate come down a bit. As the second part of my climb began the chain dropped again, I fixed and continued on. Moment later it came off again, however on close inspection the chain itself was broken, 7.6 miles and the ride was over. I had my cell phone so starting make calls, luckily someone was able to rescue me.

Technical Details (click here to view on Google Earth)
7.6 Miles
1619 Feet of Climbing

Heart Rate:
144bpm Avg.
189bpm Max

12.4mph Avg.
34.9mph Max

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