The Ride with odd gloves

To mark the one week anniversary of my failed my bike ride, I was back for the same route, this time though I had brought my other bike and apparently due to a packing error some odd gloves (at least I still have a right and left even if they didn't match). I headed up Steven's Creek Canyon Rd, and continued up Redwood Gulch with great determination, I would not stop, I would succeed. As long as succeeding just means in this case getting to the top without stopping then my goal was meet, if it had been to keep my heart under my lactate threshold, then I still need to do some work. From Redwood Gulch, I continued up Highway 9, along Skyline to Highway 92. It was great afternoon and perfect route for very few stops. I came back along Canada Rd, through Woodside and Portola Valley, eventually getting back to Foothill Expressway to complete the route. It felt great to get a long ride in, this is never a disappointing route.

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
64 Miles

8,311 Feet


Heart Rate:
154bpm Avg.
195bpm Max



15.8mph Avg.
45.0mph Max

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