The Frozen Tri

Today marks both the first Sprint distance and sub-zero Triathlon. December is great month for Triathlons, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, however today was a local event at our local reservoir at Steven's Creek, where the team had supported the Fall team a month before. I thought it looked cold a month ago, I was now here to find out how cold, cold could be.

The first of the day after setting up the transition areas was getting down to the water, less than 100 yards away down a rocky slope, with oops forgot flip-flops bare feet, required precise movements. Now down at the water I was eagerly awaiting what I was sure to be a great swim? I'd swum twice in the past three months so if anything I was confident I was over prepared :-) The swim was suppose to be 700 yards, I got in the water and sprinted (as you do on a Sprint) and before I knew it I was out of the freezing cold ready for the hypothermia to set in during transition. It turns out do to a error swim course measurement, the swim was only 700 feet hence my world recording breaking swim time. After the 7 minute walk to transition with numb fingers and feet I started to prepare for the bike.

Tri Details (Bike and Run) (Click here to view on Google Earth):

2hrs 2mins?
10.6 miles
1807 feet of climbing

9.0 mph Avg
24 mph Max

Heart Rate:
125bpm Avg
171bpm Max

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