Back in the bay

Today's Ironteam practice featured the first open water swim of the season. Despite the flashbacks of the chilling water and feeling like my head was stuck in an ice fire, from the swim at Aquatic park back in January; I still managed to get the courage to drive up to the city arrive late, spend an unusual amount of time putting on my wetsuit, then proceed to enter the water with only a few minutes left to go of the swim. Still was it my fault everyone started on time and only wanted to swim for 30 minutes? Obviously I love Aquatic Park in San Francicso and if I lived closer would probably be there every day, trying to work out why people swim there! It's cold in December :-)

After my brief but hearty attempt at swimming in the bay, the team headed out for a 5 mile run up towards the Golden Gate Bridge (ah, a nice dry land activity). It felt good and the weather was overcast which was perfect for running.

Run Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):

5.5 miles

8min 21secs

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