A Reminder

Another Wednesday at track, 5 miles running combined with strength training. We gathered afterwards to listen to anouncements, this week our Honoree Captain Ann, delivered some sad news about an honorree for another team, she read the following:

"I'm sad to pass on the news that TNT Honoree Erika Arredondo has passed away. She became an Honoree for the mountain bike team in 2003, and she's been an honoree for many other teams since then (walk, run). You may have met her when she came to volunteer in our office. She gave it her all in battling her NHL and Hodgkin's disease (yes, both). Below is what Randy Ksar sent this morning, as well as the blog post, below, from her husband, Chris.

Sleeping Beauty My Gator Pie is now in heaven, safe with her Mom. I love you with all my heart and I always will.
posted by Chris @ 8:06 PM http://snoopysupdates.blogspot.com/ "

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