Trials of the heart (Part 3)

Well after a week of heart rate training it was time to finally go all out in the Conconi test. For this our team was at San Jose Athletic Club, they gave us the use of their facilities for this. The Conconi test is to determine the training heart rate zones, maximum heart and lactate threshold.
After warming up on the 5mph (1% grade) for a few minutes the test began, I was to continue on the treadmill, increasing speed by 0.2mph until I hit my maximum heart rate. As I was doing this my teammate Ann, logged by heart rate every 20 seconds. It took 25 minutes to reach 10mph on the treadmill, when it came to hitting the button one more time on to increase the speed to 10.2mph, I reached forward pressed and nothing happened. I tried again with no results, I said to Ann, I've lost the strength to push the button! She then tried increasing, it was at this point we realized that it was not going to any higher, so time to boost the grade to 1.5%. I could only last another minute before I stopped. My hear rate had peaked at 203bpm and continuing would not doubt involve vomiting, the goal of course is to stop just before this happens.

It was pouring with rain on Saturday, but I after pushing it to the limits on the treadmill, I was itching to get outside and run despite the rain. So I left the gym the had headed off to Rancho San Antonio. When I arrived there was only a slight drizzle of rain, but just 5 minutes later when I was ready to run, the down pour begun. I was not going to let this deter me so I headed off up the hill towards the PG+E trail. I reached the top of the PG+E trail at in 45 minutes, then continue down to the High Meadow trail and back. My shoes were getting very soggy and the my music was being drowned out by the water in my ears. Fully drenched head to toe I headed back down the PG+E trail.

10.82 Miles
1hr 49mins
191 Max Heart Rate
165 Avg. Heart Rate

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