Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay Century Ride

I had low expectations of the weather for Sunday, after the constant down pour the day before. At around 11am, I realized the weather was looking up and the roads were dry so on the spur of the moment, I decided take a trip to Santa Cruz and do a ride up Highway 1and do my very own Century Ride.

I arrived just gone noon and started my ride, there was a some head-wind going up Highway 1, but I managed to keep a average speed of 17mph. I didn't stop until I reached mile 50 which was at El Granada, just north of Half Moon Bay. I took a ten minute break, snapped a couple pictures and had some of my supplies.
I back heading south and then realized the time, gettting back back before dark was going to be a challenge, I had 50 miles to go and it was just coming up to 4pm and going to be getting very dark are 6pm. Racing the setting sun was just the motivation I needed to get my speed up :) Unfortunately with 8 miles to go it was getting dark quickly, the cars head lights were lighting my way. With just for miles to go I my tires go bang! I don't know what it was but thankfully it didn't puncture them and i continued on. A friend taught when I got my first road bike to never cycle on the white lines, due to traction problems, is there ever a good time to do this? If it is the only part of the road that you can see, then yes :)
Finally back in Santa Cruz with some street light I found my car, it was 6:40pm when I finished.

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The Ride details:

101 miles
8,000 feet of climbing
Just under 6 hours riding
17mph - Average speed
6200 - Calories burned
680 - Calories consumed during

Actually the fastest and most challenging ride I've ever done.

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