Escape to/from Santa Rosa ?!?

Today's Ironteam practice was up in Santa Rosa, for a 52mile cycle around the Vineman course, which I'll be doing for real in July. It was an early morning start to drive up there to start the ride at 9am. We had a good team showing, there was around 20 of us there. The weather was perfect and I knew it would be a great ride. The course was fairly flat with a few rolling hills, this allowed for a good pace on the ride. For the first 7 miles we all rode as one group then gradually broke into smaller groups and I rode with Dan, Mike, Dana and Michael for the remainder of the ride.

The pictures on the right are from my camera, unfortunately the lens was covered in perspiration from my bike jersey.

There were a couple of good climbs and descents at the end of the ride, leading to some good max speeds.

After the ride we completed the workout with the with a 20 minute run.

Ride Details (Click here to view route in Google Earth):
2 hrs 46 minutes
2513 Feet of climbing

18 mph Avg Speed
38 mph Max Speed

132 bpm Avg Heart Rate
182 bpm Max Heart Rate
3367 Calories burned

Quick run after ride:
2.19 miles
7:58 min per mile
160 bpm Avg Heart Rate
174 bpm Max Heart Rate

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