The good old Sunday morning run

This morning I joined the Spring Tri Team, for a run in Los Gatos, last year I went there nearly every Sunday while training for Wildflower. I meet with my old teammates, Sandy and Jeremiah. We ran from Los Gatos High School up to the dam together, but as I had a longer run on my schedule, I continued up all the way to the top of St. Josephs Hill, round off the mileage to 10 miles. (The picture on the right shows the great views from the trails, though I wasn't stopping to take pictures today, it is from my walking days :-)

Run Details (Click here to see run on Google Earth):
10.40 miles
1hr 45mins
2145 feet of climbing

147 bpm Avg Heart rate
187 bpm Max Heart rate
1335 Calories burned

In the afternoon is was time to get another ride in, my plan was for a straight and fairly flat ride. Some days it seems to take an age to get out on the road, first unpack the bike for the car, next put the wheel on, lock the brakes down (forgotten this many time), get my cycle gear on, pump the tires, fill the water bottles and put them on the bike, bring some sports nutrition, make sure I have everything need if I encounter a flat, can't forget those tire leavers. So after all that I start out on the ride, I pulled out of car park and all I could think was, something isn't right, I missing something. It took a minute to figure it out I had no helmet on, so I quickly turned back and picked it up.

I started at Arastradero and Foothill Expressway and continued to Sandhill Rd, over 280 to towards Woodside, then along Canada Rd all the way to up to 92. The weather was great for this ride the sun was out and the there was a strong headwind going out, so I stayed in aero position the whole ride. Coming back the wind was at my back and it was full speed ahead :-)

After the ride I was truly exhausted...

Ride details (Click here to see ride on Google Earth):
1hr 43min
31 miles
1700 ft of climbing

18 mph Avg Speed
36 mph Max Speed

138 bpm Avg Heart rate
165 bpm Max Heart rate
1937 Calories burned

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