Wet Suit Day 2

Another day in the wet suit, a lot chaffing but still hope....
Trying to hit my fund raising goal by March 1st.

Tonight was track practice (yes I took off the wet suit), 5 to 6 miles around a track in a wet suit just was not going to happen. Lunges, crunches, push-ups in Wet suit ooh, that scares me just thinking about it. Although we never put in a great distance at the track, it is far more intense workout. It was fairly cold night, which also reminded me I had a still cold, this definitely decreased my performance for the workout, plus the fact I'd already sweating 10 hours in a wet suit, can't forget that :)

Heart Rate number were a little erratic:
Max: 221 ?
Avg: 147 (should be right)
Min: 0 (well we all skip a beat occasionally, right?)

You always know it has been a good work out when you try to start your car with your house key afterwards :)

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