Wet Suit Day 3

Another day at work in the wet suit, more strange looks a few more donations. I can't describe what it like to wear a wet suit for 3 days.

Tonight was not Ironteam track practice, but the TNT Spring Tri team track practice so I went a long for a workout and to see all my friends on the team. I hadn't planned on wearing the wet suit for track, but when I arrived the heavens had opened and it was bucketing it down with rain, so I thought why take it off?

Did a couple warm-up laps, the wet suit seemed ok, then on to stretching. I was not as flexible to be sure, bending down to touch my toes was a thing of dreams :) Lunges and swats seemed to be doable also. Next up was running drills, a bit of foot work, never have I looked more like a penguin.

Finally a 4 mile running set with 1 lap recovery between each mile. Four miles running in a wet suit? Well I didn't manage a 6 minute mile but I did manage the first two at 6:20, the third and forth were progressively slower, I was sweating buckets a felt like my body was on fire. In summary if you want to simulate training at 100°F in winter then run in a wet suit. That said it was very dangerous, keeping hydrated is extremely important, I would never recommend anyone try this.

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