As Cold as hell...

When something is really cold, it actually feels like it is burning. That is how my face felt when I put it in the water while swimming in the bay up at aquatic park this morning. The water temperature was approximately 53F and though I have swam in colder water before, this was no easier. The water was a little choppy but not unbearable, my hands and feet numbed fairly quickly, but my face only froze. This isn't the first time, I've been swimming the bay, I have done the "Treasure Island Triathlon" and "Escape from the Rock", when your in a race things seem different you just get your head down and get on with, when training you keep asking yourself "Why?". It is funny after wearing the wet suit days and being way too hot, then suddenly the opposite.

After the swim we headed out for a run down the Embarcadero, from Ghirardelli Square to the Ball Park and back. It took three miles for my feet to thaw out. The weather brightened up a bit and there was a bit of wind, generally the conditions were good.

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