Ironteam Practice - Pleasanton

Second team practice for the weekend, it was the South Bay Ironteam's turn to go up north to Pleasanton. We started out with a 3,000yard swim, comprised of various drills and ladders, 100, 200, 300, 400, 400, etc.. Then out of the water and on to the road.

This was my first ride up in the Pleasanton area, hence unfamiliar and feared getting lost. We were supplied with route maps, yes try cycling 20mph and read a map at the same time, I thought I'd just follow the people ahead of me :)

By the forth turn we had made a mistake but we got back on track very quickly. Soon we were out of the town on to the open road and the route bceame easy to follow. Some great long straights with few climbs here and there. On the seoncd half of the ride the wind was certainly a factor, there was a strong cross wind, followed by a strong head wind, eventually become a tail wind towards the end. The final section was through Dublin, too many traffic lights though we managed to just hit most of them right. Finally arrived back in downtown Pleasanton.

Ride details ( Click here to view ride on Google Earth. )

43.98 Miles
18mph Avg Speed
35mph Max Speed
1,939ft of climbing

130bpm Avg Heart Rate
176bpm Max Heart Rate
1683 Calories burned

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