Sunday's rest

Well yesterday's workout was more than expected after a week of taking it easy from the Double Century. Today's team workout was a swim and a long run, I had planned to go for swim and then spare my legs the pain of the run :-) However the best laid plans... The swim was at 8am, which was just not going to happen, with the time change and still recovering from yesterday's ride didn't rise until 9:30am. The next couple hours I moved very slowly around the house, it daze of exhaustion. I no of only one cure for this, a good run :-)
I got a message from who was going to running at Rancho so I met up with her, and we started off what was to be a half-marathon, and we did so half-walking and half-running. The weather was great it felt just like summer, also there is a good bit of shade on the trails so sun burn wasn't a problem.

Run/Walk details (Click here to view in Google Earth):

2hours 43minutes
Avg speed, well look at the graph :-)

3,825 feet of climbing

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