Early morning hobble at Rancho

It was 10 days since practice weekend at Lake San Antonio and figured my legs would have recovered enough to go for a light run. I arranged to meet-up with a friend at Rancho at 6am, still dark then so I had my trusty headlamp. As we prepared to start out are run in the wilderness another runner asked to join as she had no headlamp with her. So we headed with the stranger behind us, the first half mile is flat with a steep hill to follow. By mile 1.75, I was done with running my knee was killing me so the walking began, there was the occasional jog to round out the 5.49 miles.

Things got worse after the run, stairs in the building at work were a major difficulty as I hobbled around. I went to track tonight to do some strength training but running was out of the question.

Run Details (click here to view on Google Earth):
5.49 miles
1,604 Feet of climbing
1hr 32mins
120bpm Avg Heart Rate
231bpm Max Heart Rate
(Ok the max is clearly wrong, I'm still alive and no paramedics were around, instrumental error)

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