The Calaveras Loop

Today's ride with the Ironteam was the Calaveras Loop. We started out in Milpitas and went north through Fremont, city streets and stop lights until we came to Niles Canyon Rd, this where this great ride really begins. Away from the traffic on a very scenic canyon road, we then turned up on Palomares Rd, for a bit of climbing (about 1000ft in 6 miles). This was the highest point of the ride with a great downhill to follow. I took it easy on the descent not going above 35mph, the turn at the bottom lead us to Dublin Canyon Rd, which runs parallel to 580 it a fast road with little traffic. That dead-ends with the Foothill Rd, which goes through the back of Pleasanton.

Looking at the map now the ride is very simple route, however I did take a wrong turn, luckily though a left turn and another right turn can equal a two right turns, at least in this case.

The best part of the ride was Calaveras Road, it begins with a lot of climbing for the first ten miles but then you level off with a few rollers giving a great view of the Calaveras Reservoir (next time I do this ride I'll take pictures). After few miles we hit the final descent which was incredibly steep, I hit 39mph on this final downhill. :-)

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth)
3hrs 37mins
60 miles
6,117 feet of Climbing



Heart Rate:
185bpm Max
144bpm Average



40mph Max
17mph Average

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