Life has it's ups and downs...

Sometimes we actually repeat life's up and downs again and again. Tonight was a little hill climbing with the cycle team on Mount Eden. After the third repeat I got a little bored so I went down the other side and continued along Pierce Road up to Highway 9. With no else about I dropped into my Aero bars and descended Highway 9, of course that said the first tough turn and I was back on to brakes, safety first. After that it just a long straight with a gradual downhill which allowed for nice speed accept to for traffic lights. With quick calculation I worked out I would need to do 120mph to hit all the lights correctly, despite my best attempts I was not able to average this speed (yes, I know need to train a lot harder). After the ride I went home and baked cookies.

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):

1hr 5mins
2,300 feet of Climbing

16 mph Average Speed
12.7mph Average Speed (Climbing)
33 mph Max Speed

144bpm Average Heart Rate
180bpm Max Heart Rate

Cookie Details:
Type: Chocolate Chip
350F Bake Temperature
12min Bake Time
I only ate two.

(Picture is enlarged to show texture)

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