A Practice Tri..

The cycle team were doing the great Caleveras loop this morning, a ride I had been looking forward to doing again. I stopped by chatted with my cycle coach Matt told him I needed to take the week off to legs a break after last week's Bootcamp weekend. The Ironteam were helping support the TNT Spring Tri team on their practice triathlon in preparation for Wildflower in two weeks time. So I headed over to Steven's Creek reservoir to lend an hand.









The last couple of practice Triathlons at Steven Creek, have left the occasional participant with some kind of injury like a broken arm, luckily everyone took the course carefully and no was hurt. I supported at water stop on the ride with a teammate from last year and also helped change a couple of flats. The rest of Ironteam went for a ride after they had finished supporting the swim, I managed to snap a couple photos as people came through the water stop.

Great to catch-up with some old teammates!



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