Calaveras Loop Redux...

I once again had the chance to do the Calaveras Loop, with a different starting point this ride was longer than the last at 78 miles in total. The ride started from Don Edwards Reserve in Fremont, near the Dumbarton Bridge. Although it appeared warm when I left home it was windy and cool when I arrived this was to continue through the rest of the day.

My usual riding group was not there for this ride, so I just joined different groups of riders as I came across them. As the first the first ten miles was flat going through Fremont it gave me a good chance to get to know a few folks. Only being a week after Wildflower I wanted to take it easy and the first climb up Palomares Road did seem tougher than the last time I did this ride. We regrouped at mile 15 at the top of Palomares and started to get comments about my pink socks.

After about 10 minutes we started off again, down a steep descent on which I hit 42mph, next up I made the correct turn at the bottom of the road and headed out on Dublin Canyon Road. I broke with the group then circled back after a few miles, we made a couple stops and I took a several turns leading the pace line, of course there was the occasional call from behind, something about a gap :-) I pulled back every time and stayed with the group.

Then at mile 40 we reached the second big climb of the ride up towards the Calaveras Reservoir, I broke again away from the group and sprinted up the hill. This move was not anti-social, just strategical it allowed me to go up ahead and get some photos that you can see along side and stop for some other needs (enough said).

I circled back again and rejoined the group then managed to snap a few shoots of my teammates.

We kept up a good pace going alongside the scenic and beatiful Calaveras Reservoir, which is followed by a steep descent with of course a stop sign at the bottom, to kill that 40mph of momentuim you've built up. We regrouped then continued on down to Milpitas, which is another nice quick descent. Back on the suburban street of Milpitas I realized there still another 20 miles to go; although most flat from here there was a strong head wind. At mile 68 our group split in two, I was now with three other riders. Twelve miles to go and only couple little hills but plenty of wind, my fellow riders let pull them in the final few miles through the headwind. A great ride, but a long one.

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
7,993 feet of climbing
5hrs 4mins (Ride Time)
15.4mph Average Speed
43.8mph Max Speed
133bpm Average Heart Rate
183bpm Max Heart Rate

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