Footloose on Foothill...

How the day began, 6:30am the alarm goes off so I can join the Ironteam for the 50mile marker set. Now the reasoning process begins, "I'm tired I shouldn't cycle" then "I have a 80mile ride tomorrow", "I shouldn't ride 50 miles today", "I should get more sleep it is the sensible thing to do", "I'll get up a little later a join the Tri team for a little cycle". 8am the alarm goes off again, the reasoning and bargaining at this point doesn't really occur, I don't even remember switching off the alarm :-) 9:30am, look at the clock and leap out of bed, at this point I was clearly on my on schedule for the day. I started out my ride from where the Tri team began there practice and headed out on Foothill, soon enough I started to see some of my Iron teammates heading back from there 50miler so I followed them back to their starting point and got some ride details. Having done a whole thirteen miles by this point it was time to get some lunch with friends :-) After lunch I convinced one friend to join me for afternoon ride along Foothill.

In summary 3 short rides, longest being 17miles combining for a total of 30miles, mostly flat just along Foothill.

Combining all rides the details are:
30 miles Total Distance
1hr 45mins (ride time)
16mph Average speed
30mph Max speed
814 feet climbing

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