The key to speed, Teleportation?

It was time to tapper for the Tahoe which was coming up in a just week. The rest of the Iron Team were off for a 80 mile ride, but for a change a shorter option the Cycle Team were doing had routes for a 27 mile or 45 mile route, naturally I picked the 45 mile option which lead up to Skyline. The morning was very overcast and cool, I didn't prepare for the sun shine and went out with my cycling jacket and no sun screen. Of course just 30 minute into the ride I was baking, I shed the jacket and hoped to finish as soon as I could. I started out the ride with coaches Andy and Kevin S. we stuck together until we reached the Highway 9 climb. It felt like rush hour on the road as the Webcor Cycle Team were out in full force making the same climb when I reached Skyline Road the people I could see were the Webcor team.

According to GPS it was at this point I teleported back to just a mile away from my original start position, you might think this would give me a speed advantage but my time was still the same and full recalled cycling those missing miles. Of course it just be user error on my part not hitting "Start" button soon enough on the watch, but I prefer the teleportation theory. :-)

Ride details (including teleportation):
38 Miles (Rec.distance)
45 Miles (Act. distance)
2hr 55mins
181bpm Max Hear Rate
137bpm Avg. Heart Rate
13mph Average Speed (loads of climbing)
35mph Max Speed

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