Cross-training: Swim, Cycle, Run & Kayak?

Today was Memorial Day, a public holiday and rest day on my training calendar so I joined so friends for a nice relaxing Kayaking trip. Our adventure for the day was at Elkhorn Slough, just south of Santa Cruz. We rented a Kayak and got suited up (oh yes the wet-suit again). They explained to us before we went out in the Kayak that the Sea Otters had filed a restraining order against humans requiring they stay more 100-feet away! Well I'm only partly kidding it is called the Environmental Protection Act and it carries a very serious $10,000 fine if you get too close to one.
I went out a tandem Kayak with a more seasoned I kayaker (ok, that is not a real word) than myself. I was in the back so it was not to noticeable when I stopped paddling. I started out with a lot of energy and bad technique within the first mile I realized all my training did not apply here. With a few pointers I was able to make progress again and keep up with the pace.

We did have the occasional Otter siting and back-off when appropriate, although at one point we were surrounded, I believe the Otters get commission on every fine collected.

The details:

2hr 13mins
5.63 Miles
5.7mph Max Speed
3.1mph Avg. Speed
125bpm Max Heart Rate
88bpm Avg. Heart Rate

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