Canada Rd to Mount Eden

The Ironteam meet at 8am at Edgewood and Canada Rd, to start out the 72 mile ride generally flat ride with a medium grade. We started off heading north on Canada Rd, continuing past 92 on to Skyline which passes by Sawyer Camp, and then turn on Crystal Spring Rd, which has a great downhill as you start into it. The route loop around joining up with Canada Rd using a cycle path which crosses back over the freeway. I had started the ride a little late so the first part of the ride was just playing catch-up, by the time I was passing by our starting point I had reached the front of the pack and was ride with Allen, Al and Jed.

The route then lead us to a couple of hill repeat loops in Los Altos, next on to Foothill Expressway and all the way out to Steven Creek Canyon Rd and up Mount Eden. We took a small rest at the top of Mount Eden and then headed back down, Coach Mike was at the bottom with a Water, Gatorade and most importantly the Pringles (got to get that salt in). The day was heating up the water bottle refills were a necessity, it is at times like this that you realize how great is to have people out there supporting you.

The way back was easier with no major climbs to contend with, just straight along Foothill Expressway which allow for some good speed. Then continuing Alpine Road, which has a small incline to towards Portola Valley, then turning right on Portola Road. The legs were certainly wearing down at this point the next section of road was Mountain Home Rd, which offered some good shade as we reached Woodside. I waited in Woodside while a teammate stopped to refuel at the local store. From there it was just straight on to Canada Rd, to the finish. After followed a run, but I just rested not wanting to over do things my legs which are certainly better than they were a month ago. Besides if I'd done the run I might of missed this fine photo opportunity :-)

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):

3hrs 46mins Ride Time (approx)
6,500 feet of climbing (approx)
87.8F High

182bpm Max Heart Rate
156bpm Avg Heart Rate

19.1mph Avg. speed
36.9mph Max speed

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