The Triple Brick

This was it, billed as one of the toughest training days of the year, the 9 hour workout! Last year the team had suffered as it was during a heat wave, so the stories had certainly made me nervous, but it also made me go in prepared with lots of fluid to keep me hydrated. Our starting point was Edgewood and Canada, that would be our transition area for the day, as switched off between cycling and running.

We started our first 2 hour ride just gone 8am, the root took us towards Woodside then up King's Mountain. I was doing a good job of maintaining my heart rate until I hit King's Mountain, our instructions were to do 25mins of climbing then come back done, however with the top in sight a couple of us took the extra time to make it to the top. Of course what followed was a nerve-racking descent back down what can be a treacherous route. Back through Woodside and out towards Portolla Valley complete our first two hour ride, making up the additional time with an out and back on Canada Rd.

The first run took me up Edgewood Rd, into the park on the trails, having worked hard to the bike ride to stayed hydrated my first goal on the run was clear (find a quite area). My pace as fairly good and I decided to try walking for one minute out of every ten, to give my heart a chance to recover. Along the trail I did a take a small fall, which might of been nasty if I hadn't braced my impact with a the water bottle I was carrying, before I knew it was time for the the next ride.

The second ride took us North on Canada Rd, up towards Crystal Springs then looping back down as we had one in a ride back in June. Back at Edgewood and Canada we took Edgewood over the hill into Redwood City where we navigated through the suburbs, then through Woodside again and back to the starting point. Now 5 hours into the workout my legs were tiring, and I was not looking forward to the next run.

On the second run I followed through the same loop as before but with a slightly different loop on the trails. My pace and definitely dropped from the last run but I knew I still had another 3+ hours ahead of me so pushing things too hard would be a mistake. I paced alongside a teammate until I from most of the run this certainly helps knowing your not the only crazy person out there.

Next the final ride, unfortunately unlike the previous two rides I did not have anyone to pace with so I heading out on and my own occasionally seeing another teammate. It was a simple loop I'd done before heading down to Palo Alto and loop back through Portolla Valley. This was wear the mental aspect hit me, I was exhausted had no one ride alongside me to complain too and onto of that there was a nasty head wind on a uphill. With all this in mind I remember things good be worse and certainly felt better than I did a few nights ago as I slaved in front of my computer burning the midnight oil as a wrote up exciting status reports. Here it was the Triple Brick and I was in the stage with only another couple of hours left.

The morning started with our Honoree Captain, telling us about Mathew an 8 year boy who had been fighting Leukemia for the last two years. These past 6 months he had not been doing well a and couple days ago he passed away. It is never easy hearing stories like this especially about someone who was so young. Thinking about it put everything perspective and I finished my final out and back on Canada Rd.

One more run to go and my this point my legs were now hurting, I decided not too push but was also determined to complete the workout. This time I headed out alongside Canada Rd, still some hills to contend with but less than Edgewood park. My pace a dropped but I wasn't walking yet, I ran alongside a few of my teammates who were also pleased the end was in sight. I was just tracking my time and knowing I'd probably be slower on my way back I turned around earlier.

After 9 hours, I had cycled 95miles (with 9691 feet of climbing) and run 13 miles it had been one longest continuous workout of the year with the Ironteam, but I can now say I survived the "Triple Brick".

Brick 1 Cycle (Click here to view route on Google Earth)
31.21 Miles
3,650ft of climbing
15.8 mph Avg
40.3 mph Max
Heart Rate
149 bpm Avg
185 bpm Max

Brick 1 Run (Click here to view route on Google Earth)
4.83 Miles
598ft of climbing
10:23 Avg pace
6:52 Max pace
Heart Rate
153 bpm Avg
177 bpm Max

Brick 2 Cycle (Click here to view route on Google Earth)
33.12 Miles
3,471ft of climbing
17.3 mph Avg
39.0 mph Max
Heart Rate
152 bpm Avg
176 bpm Max

Brick 2 Run (Click here to view route on Google Earth)
4.26 Miles
559 feet of climbing
11:28 Avg pace
7:01 Max pace
Heart Rate
160 bpm Avg
182 bpm Max

Brick 3 Cycle (Click here to view route on Google Earth)
31.40 Miles
2,570ft of climbing
16.0 mph Avg
34.2 mph Max
Heart Rate
154 bpm Avg
180 bpm Max

Brick 3 Run (Click here to view route on Google Earth)
3.98 Miles
260ft of climbing
12.09 Avg pace
7:40 Max pace
Heart Rate
152 bpm Avg
174 bpm Max

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