July 4th Ride: Montobello Road

A holiday and great chance for the team to meet-up for a ride on a hot day. We started out the ride at Foothill and Homestead and headed up towards Steven's Creek reservoir. The goal was to climb up Montobello Road, I had been past the turning for the road countless times but never been up their before, but today was the day. It was certainly a challenging climb, it had a some good shade at the beginning but cover disappeared as I got closer to the top. As I reached the end I was becoming very hard to keep my heart rate down and the heat was rising. When I reached the top I was drenched in as if I'd been through a torrential down pour, addition I was going through a unprecedented amount of fluids. Reaching the top felt like great achievement and views were worth it. We regrouped at the top and headed back, which was just plain sailing as is was all downhill.

Ride details (Click here to view route on Google Earth):

1hr 25mins ride time
3,571ft of climbing
17.4 miles
12.3 mph Avg.
35.0 mph Max
135 bpm Avg
192 bpm Max

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