The Art of Taper...

With Ironman Canada just a week away, I am now into the most important phase of training, known as "Taper". This is the time when the workouts are drastically scaled down to a minimum to allow the body to finally recover and strengthen. This has been fairly restful week, no early morning or late nights but just long days with much to get organized.

Wednesday night the team all met up at De Anza College, for a brief track practice, followed by a our send-off party, in which the most important part of taper was fully realized, yes cake!

Saturday morning I volunteered at the Summer Tri Team's practice Triathlon, in which I did some cheering but nothing too strenuous. I final shake down ride in the afternoon for just 45 minutes to make sure my bike was in good mechanical shape for shipping.

Sunday - Last Ironteam practice, which was short with just 5 miles of running we were down by 9am, a first for the Ironteam! We all meet up for breakfast afterwards which ended up taking longer than the workout itself. I then went home and frantically (talk about being organized) packed up all my Tri gear and bicycle to have it shipped up to Canada!

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