Pre-Race Activities

Today there was much to do and still tired from yesterday's traveling it felt like it was going to be a long day. First the team meet up for a run down of the schedule: Race Packet pick-up, Bike Pick-up, a quick ride, a quick swim, quick run, team photo and athletes pasta dinner.
By the time we had gone through the lines at the race expo for packet pick-up and more importantly the "Ironman Canada " merchandise tent it was nearly midday. We stopped over at Tri-Bike transport to pick-up our bikes then ride back to the hotel. I could hear something rubbing on the bike but could figure out what it was, I didn't think much of and went for lunch.
After lunch a few of us headed over to the lake for a quick swim, we were only out for twenty minutes, the temperature was good but the water was a little rough.

Next up was one of the most important part of the day, posing in photo of the Ironteam! Twenty different cameras, over one hundred photos the paparazzi had arrived.

At 4pm we headed over to for the athlete's "carbo-load" pasta dinner. It was held at the local convention center, which I'm guessing is the only place where you are going to be able to seat and feed 2700+ athletes. After we eat they had a series of presenters recalling the history of the event and how it was the first North American qualifier for the Ironman World Championship in Kona. They also covered the details of the event and all the rules, that were to be strictly enforced with a penalty system which included Yellow and Red cards, timeouts and disqualification. While some of the rules made good sense for safety reasons, disallowing the use of mermaids to assist in the swim was just down right cruel.

After dinner I had a few photo opts :-)

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