It's tomorrow!

I thought there would be plenty of time get everything done, but sure enough things happen and I'm off a nicely organized schedule. Firstly my bike was making a awful squeaking sound which surely would made all the participants in race take notice and get out of my way, while it had that benefit it was caused by the wheel rubbing against the frame. While the problem turned out to by as simple adjusting a couple of screws, it took some time to sort out. By the time it came for our Ironteam lunch, I hadn't organized my transition area and had to do so before 3:45pm.

I cut out of lunch early and jogged (no running) back to the hotel and arranged all my gear and the bike and got it over to the Transition area in time.

This evening I prepared the food for my special needs bags for the bike and the run, this involved some last minute shopping to get important items that would be hard to come by on race day, such as? Umm, Gatorade :-)

I managed to get an early tonight, as I'll be up at 4am tomorrow!

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