The Return to the King's Mountain

Today is my turn to make up the route for team ride, I thought how about a little climbing to usher in the New Year, so it had to be the return to King's Mountain! I created made the maps and memorized the route the night before, it won't look to good get lost on the ride I was leading, although when have I ever got lost :-) We started the ride at Edgewood and Canada Road, just north of Woodside, it was a very driech looking morning and not the warmest to be sure, I layered up though decided to forgo the leg warmers knowing I'd be burning up on the climb with them on.

I led the ride out and kept the group together, the easy part to get lost on a ride is always the beginning, the middle can be troublesome and don't get me started on the end, but this was a mostly simple route with as few turns as I manage. After winding through the back roads of Woodside we reached the base of King's Mountain and the fun began (yes climbing is fun, just keep repeating that in your head). At this point I broke from the team, climbing is best done at a comfortable pace and the quicker I reach the top the more comfortable I feel.
After about four miles of climbing, an old team mate (Tyler) from the last year's Ironteam caught up with me, he had started a couple of minutes late. While we chatted has ascended the last two miles of the mountain, the pace had also picked up some as silent battle of egos began. We paced each other to the top no doubt a little faster than

Ride details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
2hrs 43mins
44.29 Miles
5,278 Feet of Climbing




Heart Rate:
149 bpm Avg.
188 bpm Max




16.2 mph Avg.
40.0 mph Max



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