Spinning out of control...

Tonight I lead the weekly team Spin at Sport Basement, what made this stand is I actually wrote the workout myself, through the use of an Excel spreadsheet I had calculated the right amount of pain, wait I mean exertion level through-out the workout, at least so I thought.

It was a tough crowd and who could of imagined that starting with two and half minute one legged drills would not be popular? What followed was a very long build to 120 cadence with intervals, I accidentally rounded down of the intervals. To make up for it I increase the next one, another surprisingly unpopular decision. However no one complained when I increased one of the recovery periods. By the end of the main build set my average heart was 171bpm and I was feeling just slightly nauseous.

After a nice recovery period was a eight minute climb with increasing intensity culminating in a three minute standing climb in the hardest gear. A final three minute recovery lead to final four minutes of fun and by fun I mean a 90rpm sprint to the finish with the final minute at maximum effort! That's fun right? Come on of course it is :-)

Followed by a twenty minute run, the end result was a very intense workout.

To anyone didn't enjoy the workout, I would just like to blame a miscalculation on the spreadsheet :-)

The Stats:
168bpm Avg Heart Rate
190bpm Max Heart Rate




153bpm Avg Heart Rate
186bpm Max Heart Rate

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