You know "that" hill...

"Bike 180mins with Hills!" is what the schedule called for today. Naturally I thought that 6,000 feet of climbing over 50 miles would do nicely. It was the though the first time a number of the team who joined my for the ride had done, that "hill". Yes, I choose the in famous Redwood Gulch as a the method of ascent to Skyline. It isn't a first timer kind of hill for sure, and not one you'll ever forget. It didn't take long for the complaints and the complementary cursing to ensue. However the team made up the hill just fine without any major issue. With Redwood Gulch out of the way the rest of the climb up Highway 9 was easy. The weather turned out to be great, reminding me why I love cycling on Skyline so much. To finish off the ride we continued on Skyline to Highway 84 through Woodside then back to Foothill Expressway where we began. We followed this up with a quick 15 minute run. I'd just like to say "Thanks!" to those who joined me and no killing me for coming with the route :-)


Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
3hr 21min
48 miles
6079 feet of climbing



14.2 mph Avg
43.5 mph Max

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