Spinning out of Control Pt. 2

The forces that conspired meant I was the Captain running the spin, with no one else to stop me :-) I rewrote the last workout I done a few weeks back to make things more, well, at least I think more reasonable. First change was obviously to remove the two and half minute single leg drills, instead a create a set starting with 30 seconds per leg and ending with 90 seconds. That seemed to go over ok, with the team of course next up was the super long build, aka the main set. I was a little more precise on the timings and careful not to let things slip making the workout longer. On the final high cadence drill, switched up the requirement from a high gear to a low gear as we peaked at 120 rpm. Of course there was a good hill that end with a fast spin to loosen the legs for the run, oh yeah there was then a 30 minute run following the 60 minute spin. After a good paced run we returned for a core workout, which I'll be honest I made up as I went along :-) Hmm, I wonder if they noticed?

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