3 Days @ Lake San Antonio! (in the heat)

Day One "The Wildflower 100"

The first day started with an early starting leaving Santa Clara at 6:30am and with no traffic I reached Lake San Antonio at just past 9am. By the time I was ready to start the ride it was 10am and the heat was creeping up on me. I began the ride by heading down to the lake to follow the first part of the bike course, this was not without issue though. Firstly they had just repaved the road down there and before I knew it I had a good layer of tar on my tires, not great but nothing that was going to stop me. However on the infamous climb up Beach Hill, the back wheel on my Tri-bike started to jam against the frame, I got off and tried to fixed the issue but the wheel had come out of alignment and several attempts didn't yield results so I headed by to camp to solve the problem. It didn't take to long to fix but my second start wasn't until 11am, by which time the heat coming on strong.

On back out on the course I headed straight for the park exit, obliviously the bike was working a lot better since the wheel was on correctly. It definitely felt a little strange to be out there on my own, but this was the time get into "the zone" but it was going to be a long day. It is funny how I didn't remember how long the course was, in the race things just seem to go so much quicker, but on my own it seemed infinite. The second loop was easier (though increasing hotter) just because I had better feel of what lay ahead and that is half the battle. As I reached the park entrance at the end of the second loop, I was very happy to be done. Overall a good ride, but it took a lot out of me.

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
5 miles
919feet of Climbing
21mins Ride time




Heart Rate:
143bpm Avg




14.3 mph Avg.
30.4 mph Max




Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):

95.4 Miles
8,458feet of Climbing
5hr 14mins Ride Time




Heart Rate:
160bpm Avg.
188bpm Max



18.2mph Avg.
47.2mph Max




Day Two "In the reverse"

The morning started with a 1.2 mile swim as the team completed there first leg of what was for many there first Half-Ironman Triathlon. I had a good swim, the water temperature was just right, it was calm though I could of done with a little less algae in the water. I hung the dock for everyone to complete the swim then headed to the transition area. As I was not doing the race, I hung around and chatted while everyone left for there ride. After my mere 20 minute transition I headed out on the bike course backwards, doing it counter clockwise, it is certainly a very different course backwards and overall I left faster the day before, I have a feeling they chose the direction they did for a reason. However going against the direction of the team meant I had the chance to see how everyone was progressing through course. Towards the end of the course I got the experience what the people on the do the Olympic do as face the rolling hills which weren't rolling in my favor. But sure enough I made it make to the transition in a similar amount of time to what it would of been had I gone the other way around. Now I could relax, the day was getting hotter, but my workouts were over for the day.

My favorite part of the weekend, the transition and finish of the Half-way to Ironman Triathlon! I was able to snap a number of pictures of people going through from the bike to the run and of the finishers. It was great to see the entire team finish what is without a doubt one of the toughest Half-Iron courses out there.

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
5,401 feet of climbing
3hrs 4mins



Heart Rate:
152bpm Avg.
176bpm Max



17.9mph Avg.
36.2mph Max





Day Three "Run in the reverse (Pt2)"

To continue with the theme of doing everything in reverse, I decided to continue with the Run course by starting from the camp grounds. With different start/finish point and changing the direction I tackled the hills the profile of the course changed dramatically. I started off early at 6:30am while the weather was still cool, the first 4 miles were mostly downhill towards the lake with only couple upward spikes that didn't last too long.

As I reached the trail by the lake I could see the steam rising from the lake, it was quite the scene. The long noise from the surrounds was the sound of my feet and the animals in the distance, it became an empty but tranquil environment, a stark contrast from hundreds of people on race day. Went through the lower camp grounds towards the main transition area more signs of life were apparent, a couple runners heading the opposite way and some people fishing in lake. After a quick break at the restroom, I headed up Lynch hill the toughest hill on the new profile, it wasn't as bad nor did it last as long as I thought it would. From there the final challenge was the pit which remains the same which ever way you do the course.

I ran right some Deer at the side of the road, I suddenly like I was in a wildlife documentary, I could almost here David Attenborough quietly narrate my run "The runner heads towards his prey (the deer), he reaches for his....? E-Gel and consumes this leaving the indigenous species untouched (at least until night falls and returns to seek out dinner)."

Run Details (Click here to view Google Earth):
12.9 miles
1,958 feet of climbing
1hr 50min







Heart Rate:
162bpm Avg.
189bpm Max

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