The Coast Loop..

The morning started off with a refreshing 1.5 mile swim at always clean and clear waters at Redwood Shores :-) Next up was a great ride on route which goes all the way out to the coast and back from Redwood City.

It started out with a climb on Ralston up towards Canada Road, as we started out the skies were Grey, but as I reach Canada Road the rain was coming down. My first thought was really "I just cleaned my bike", the rain was not an obstacle and I made my way towards King's Mountain. I reached the top of King's Mountain at around 1hr 20mins into the ride, I then turned around and went back down until I reached the back of the pack, well why not add another 1000+ feet of climbing for fun? :-) After going back up King's, I headed south on Skyline where the weather was reminiscent of the last Skyline ride, no hail this time but still bitter cold, rain and fog, through trees this made for an eerie ride. I regrouped with a few team mates before we headed down Highway 84 towards the coast. The weather improved and we had a good decent, except for the headwind which got stronger and stronger as we got closer to Pescadero, I caught up with Berend and we pace lined into the wind for the last few miles on 84.

At Pescadero the team regroup, one lucky team mate had the opportunity to get a spare tube and repair. The SAG wagon appeared and we refueled, hmm Pretzels :-) We then continued out with a small climb out on Stage Road (I only mean small in comparison to the Mountains) on Highway 1. A short glance at the Ocean, by this time the skies were clear and things were looking up, then back towards the Mountains via the wonderfully maintained and paved road called Tunitas Creek Road.

I've only been up Tunitas Creek once before, although the road was better than I remember, what I remember wasn't good. It was a badly patched road and very long and winding climb to contend with. As I got closer to the top the road flatten out and got a little less bumpy, I was get impatient to get back to Skyline, this road was not fun.

Back at the top of Skyline for the 3rd time for the day, I stopped briefly and then headed down King's Mountain again. Once I reached the bottom, I of course turned around and headed back up again :-) When I was about halfway up I started to see a number of my team mates heading down, a couple of them made comments that I was crazy, come on really? I turned around again at the top and attempted to catch up with everyone again.

As I came back out on to Canada Road, the headwind was fierce and the last thing I wanted, it was get late in the day and I was looking forward to the ride being over. I pushed through the wind and climb up back to Raslton Rd, was a relief just to get out to the wind. Just a few mile to go and I had a nice decent in to Redwood City and managed to hit most of the traffic lights with perfect timing.

All in all, a fanastic ride! Ever changing weather and mountainous route, made it my favorite ride of the year so far :-)

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
5hr 36mins
82 miles
9,525 feet of Climbing



Heart Rate:



14.7mph Avg.
38.0mph Max

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