Bicycles in the Mist...

Today, I had planned a wonderful route out for the team (well that was my opinion). Starting off at Edgewood and Canada road, with the main part of the ride to be up on Skyline. The point of entry to Skyline was Pagemill Rd, which was the first time the team been up that road on a ride this season. End of May you expect the weather to be near perfect, well it was at the start of the ride. However as we weaved our way up the long climb up Page Mill, visiblity went from good to bad quickily. To top things off when we reached Skyline it was raining, on what was a perfect day in the rest of the bay, I had found the rainy spot. Once on Skyline I had the team head off with a turn around at the highest point, just a few miles beyond the top of Highway 9. At the turnaround point it was bright and sunny :-) That made it it even harder to turnaround knowing what we were in for.  Through some spotty rain, mist and fog we went north along Skyline to King's Mountain for the decent. I was tracking the back of the pack racing backwards and forwards to see where everyone was. Once at King's Mountain it was an easy ride back and sure enough it was sunny back at the starting point :-)

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
4hr 50mins
71 Miles



Heart Rate:
132bpm Avg.
183bpm Max




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