The Hill Chase

It was that time of the year again, with long evenings it meant time for repeats on Mount Eden. To keep things interesting each time was a little different. A normal climb, a seated climb, a standing climb, a single leg climb (yes, I did that too). The fun really began when Coach Dan set a challenge. He took a 3 minute head start on running up the hill. At the appointed time Brian and I were to race him to the top. So there were two challenges, one beat Brian, two beat Dan. I was neck and neck with Brian until the second turn where went all out to pass him. I think that is where the 189bpm listed below comes in :-) Next up was catch Dan, around the three third turn I could see him just up ahead. It was close a run race as the road flattened out towards the top I managed to just pick-up enough speed to pass him.      

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
2,925feet of Climbing



Heart Rate:
140bpm Avg.
189bpm Max



13.9mph Avg.
35.9mph Max

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