Eastern Sierra Double Century

My second Double Century of year, was at high elevation, starting in Bishop. The ride start was early still dark at the time, the course started off doing a loop around the outskirts of town before heading up towards Mono Lake.

The first 80 miles had the majority of climb for the day, it also offered great views of the valley. We passed through Mammoth and then on to Hwy 395 towards to get to Mono Lake. Having just arrived the day before I was not acclimatized to the elevation, going from 4,000 at the start to 8,000, I was really starting to miss the oyxgen of sea level.

I took a longer than usual break at lunch to recover. Back on the road I was ready for the last big climb.   The last 50 miles was almost all downhill, the really bonus was a tail wind on the last 25 miles. I finished the riding feeling great!

 Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
11hr 25min Ride Time
197 Miles
10,875feet of climbing



 Heart Rate:
155bpm Avg.
183bpm Max



17.3mph Avg.
52.7mph Max.

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