Bike Toughness (was Mental Toughness)

On the training schedule was the Mental Toughness ride, a 100-mile solo ride.  I like a good un-interrupted ride, so I choose Highway 1 for the ride. My mental toughness, was not in question on the ride but my toughness of my bike was. Highway 1 can be a little rough around the edges, unfortunately it wasn't until mid-way through the ride I realized that I was not only missing a bottle but the entire cage from the rear of my bike. I spent the ride back looking across the road to see if I could retrive it, but alas no luck. On the upside I still had enough fluid to keep me going the rest of the ride.

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):

4hr 52mins
94 Miles
8,100 Feet of Climbing



Heart Rate:
153bpm Avg.
180bpm Max



19.2mph Avg.
52.4mph Max

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