A Day of Skyline

Yesterday had proved to be a great ride, so how could I top it? Well with even more climbing on a equally warm day :-)

The team were off swiming at Redwood Shores, and I a new idea for a ride. Instead starting my ride at the bottom of hill I thought I'd start at the top, this would make for a long climb to finish the day. So I found place to park up on Skyline and headed down towards Redwood shores to meet up with the team.  After meeting the team I headed back over to Skyline and up Kings Mountain and then down 84 towards the coast. I turned off 84 halfway down to take Pescadero Rd, which of course lead to more climbing: Stage Road, then up Tunitas Creek, back long to 92, down to Crystal Springs and up Kings Mountain one final time.. Did you follow all that? well the route is below if you didn't :-)

Ride Details (Click to view on Google Earth):

7hr 56mins
112 miles
10,957feet of Climbing



Heart Rate:
146bpm Avg
178bpm Max



14.1mph Avg.
50mph Max

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