Into the Fog (Part 1)

The rest of the team were in taper and were doing a short ride, followed by a short run. We started off at Edgewood and Canada Rd (definately a favorite starting point for the team) and headed through Portola Valley to towards Page Mill Road, team route had him turning back part the way up. Naturally I had other plans, I was going to the top with the aim of looping back via Skyline and 92. It is funny how I always seem to forget much climbing there is left to do even after I have reached Skyline Rd. One of Skyline Rd's peak is at the top of Page Mill, but much of the gain is lost you dip down at 84 with climb picking up again towards King's Mountain.

I was going against the clock, I wanted to finish around the same time the team was going to complete their run. As emerged from the tree on Skyline near 92 I realized the fog and rolled in and visiblity was extremely poor, nothing like a great downhill when you can only see 20 feet ahead of you :-)

Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):

2hr 43min
46.68 miles
6,242feet of climbing



17.1mph Avg.
40.4mph Max

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