The Louisville 300

It was now for something completely different, Louisville!! The team were doing Ironman Louisville and I was out there with my bike to support. 


Day one, I set out on my own to do some recon on the course to see what they would be facing. It was a two loop course and an out and back. No long step climbs, just rolling hills, this course is all about maintaining momentum. I was sweating within the first couple of miles (heck I was sweating the moment we landed). The humidity was very noticeable.  I rode about 150 miles on the course, doing three loops on the loop part of the course. It was course going through my lush grassy fields with horses roaming and huge ranch style houses. I fueled at convience stores along the way. I finished the ride in the rain as a thunderstorm started.

Day two, I put in another 50 miles going off the Ironman course into the surrounding area.

Day three, having already nearly 200 miles over the couple I was looking for more relaxing day, plus it was the day of Ironman Louisville, so I had my spectating duties to peform. I had planned on riding out on the course and taking some shortcuts to see the whole race. I hadn't banked on very exit of the course being blocked by the police. I didn't want ot try and explain though I looked like a racer I was only there t

o watch. What to do? Well ride the whole course :-) which is eaxtcly what I did. I was able to take pictures of team and track everyones progress in person. It was awesome! It was also a very hot day, as I was coming in on the last loop I was racers resting on the side of the road. I certainly had better day supporting than had I actually been doing the race.

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