Return to Sierra Road

Time for another evening ride and Sierra Road, was my mark. I had first encountered the climb a few months back on the Devil Mountain Double. It was the hill at mile 160 that just just plain mean. Today of course I was starting it fresh and the heat was not even close to madness I had encountered before. I naturally the climb was not tough as before but I still wouldn't call it easy. Also when I had it previously done it I had lower gearing especially for the task, this time I was running my regular 11-23 cassette. After the climb up Sierra Rd, I headed north towards Caleveras reservoir and did a quick out back there before completing the loop.



Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):

1hr 27mins
3,320 feet of climbing



Heart Rate:
142bpm Avg.
196bpm Max



14.7mph Avg.
40.5mph Max

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