Heating up, Mount Hamilton

 The team was nearing the end of there training for Ironman Louisville, so I had one last special ride for them, a nice climb up Mount Hamilton. I had done the same climb myself on the Devil Mountain Double back in April and found it to be great climb. The out and back route I had planned started at on Mines Rd, near to entrance to Lake DeValle, with the round trip distance totaling just over 80 miles.

I knew Lousville was going to be hot and I wanted to prepare the team the best as I could. With a few exceptions I would say that most of our training rides rides had been fairly temperate. The forecast for the day had temperature peaking just under 90F and for a long exposed climb it was not going to be easy. I knew this ride would be the perfect challenge for the team. 

The climb to the top was indeed challenging, especially the last few miles. The good thing was I had a support stop organized for the top. One of the team would had recently completed Vineman was out to lend a hand (thanks Jeremiah). We all regroup at the top, this when the 'kind words' and 'appreciation'  for me creating the route of the day began :-) I knew then my job had been accomplished and it was time to head back down..

 Ride Details (Click here to view on Google Earth):
5hr 19mins
84.5 miles
7,183 feet of Climbing



Heart Rate:
138bpm Avg.
183bpm Max



15.9mph Avg.
35.7mph Max

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