100ft per mile

After yestersday's short ride it was time to get some real mileage in along with some good climbing. In change from my previous hydration method of taking 4 bottles with me, I decided on one plus a Camel Back. I always found that mounting two bottles on the rear of the saddle leads chasing after bottles that have jettisoned them selves, which isn't a fun past time. The Camel Back works well and is secured with multiple straps, as I move it moves, just not fashsionable :-)

I started in Los Altos on Foothill Expressway and headed past Steven's Creek reservoir, over Mount Eden to Pierce Rd finally reaching Highway 9. The climb up Highway 9 felt slow with the extra weight on my back. From the Saratoga gap, I continued to 92 and looped back to King's Mountain, via Canada Rd. Now over 60 miles into the ride I starting to fell fagitue as I ascended King's Mountain. Once back on Skyline I started to pick up the pace.  It was getting dark, so I finished the ride down Pagemill, the decent froze my legs. I warmed up again on Foothill with a couple sprints to the end.

Today was indeed a day of climbing, with 8,000 feet of climbing.Details: 81miles / 8318ft / 14.4mph

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